1973  Karori Historical Society  2023

Celebrating 50 years since our founding.

Today, there is an increasing interest in the past. What better way of discovering the past of your environment is there than by joining the Karori Historical Society. As Bacon said, "Ancient time was the youth of the world". These words were recorded by Jim Atkins in his editorial in the very first Stockade to be published, in mid-1973. Fifty years on and the words still ring true; our aim being to document, promote and share the history of Karori and its people.

To celebrate our golden jubilee, we are planning on holding an event in late June. The current plan is for a public event to share what we do and display records and archives documenting Karoriís past, followed by speeches and of course, cake. We are also excited that our very first president Norma McCallum, should be able to attend and share this special occasion with us. More details will be sent out to you all in the coming months, and if you are interested or keen to be involved in organising the event, please let us know.

Email: infokarorihistory@gmail.com










Karori Store, Karori Road, Karori circa 1893

About us:

Our Society was formed by a group of Karori residents in 1973 for the purpose of promoting the history of Karori and its people. We welcome new members, no matter where they live. Click on any of the following headings to link to that section:

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      What do we do?

  • Research and study of people and places associated with Karori.

  • The preservation of archival items of historical importance.

  • Draw attention to important historical features in and around Karori.

  • Support historical projects by individual members.

  • Maintain links with regional and national historical societies.

  • We meet four times a year and invite guest speakers.

  • We arrange outings to places of historical interest.

  • We publish a newsletter four times a year.

  • We publish an annual journal The Stockade, which is free to members (back copies are available). All archived copies to 2018 are available to be read online at WCC Archives 2019 but later editions are only available to paid up members of the KHS. The 2022 edition is in preparation.

  • We are working on digitising our archival collection.

  • As a voluntary organisation with limited resources, we regret we are unable to undertake research on request. However, you are welcome to use our archives.

Recent publications

Karori Streets
Revised & updated edition 2019 by Judith Burch
Originally published in 1991